Monday, June 2, 2014


So this week was a week of mysterious miracles! On Monday which was Memorial Day we had a finding challenge to go out and find as many families as possible! And as a mission we found 234 new investigators IN ONE DAY! That is crazy people! Crazy awesome! Heavenly Father is aware of us and when we put our trust in Him NOTHING is impossible!

So Memorial Day morning the Muncie 2nd ward has a breakfast and 5k and it was so much fun! Our investigator B WHO IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY came and got some sweet fellowship from the ward! It was awesome! 

So this week also we had zone conference and we got some awesome training on how to be better missionaries! It was really great and the new assistants of our mission, Elder Fivas and Elder Martin are just the best! The Ohio Cincinnati Mission really is the best in the world! (Sorry to those who are serving in Germany (: I still love you!)

And last night. At about 6pm we get a call from an investigator who asks if we can come over right away to help him move some stuff. We asked if it could wait but he said it was urgent and so we scheduled to stop by at 8pm since that was the earliest we could get there. So we show up and he wants us to move a fridge. From the upstairs apartment down the street to his house... We were not really prepared nor strong enough to do that so we called the zone leaders, Elder Carter and Elder Chamberlain who serve in our same area and they came with a recent convert C who is amazing! They totally helped us out and they were there so late but they finally got it down the stairs and to our investigators houses! So today we got them their favorite cereals and made them into "thank you fridges"! Best zone leaders ever!

So just in case anyone is wondering what I look like during email time... Just imagine Flint Lockwood from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs typing. Literally that is how my hands feel! And it makes me chuckle to think of him typing.

I hope you all have a great week! Don't forget that Heavenly Father loves you! And so does Sister Brown II!

Sister Brown II

Oh and today I disneybounded as Dumbo with my elephant necklace and my feather necklaces! Pretty stoked about it!

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