Monday, July 28, 2014

Muncie Island

BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUTS! So hey! Dallin Solomon, you had a birthday yesterday and I hope it was the best day of your life! And this Saturday is a birthday SHOUT OUT to the BEST MOM EVER! Seriously, anyone and everyone reading this... if you see my mom give her a HUGE hug for me! Because she is the best ever! And it is her BIRTHDAY! 

So this week has been fantastic! So last Monday our district went to Muncie Island. Which is some guy's backyard that he transformed into an island paradise! It is a sandy beach and has relax chairs and a waterfall and he serves smoothies. This guy is on island time though and opens roughly around 5pm. Which is cutting it close for missionaries who are not on island time and begin proselyting at 6pm. We went and it was magical. The mango smoothie with ice cream that I got was heavenly. That is the most relaxed I have been in a while (: 

This week we also packed a lunch in our cooler and ate at a park while we were out and about and at the park it had this ancient looking merry-go-round thing. The only other place I have seen one at is the park in Malad Idaho. So of course after we ate I hopped on that and spun myself around! It was so much fun. I love those things!

And on Saturday we went and did some service in the community and Elder Carter showed me how to use a chainsaw! It was pretty sweet and everyone still has their limbs and everything so that is good. Elder Carter looks pretty concerned in the picture... he was worried I was going to swing it down and chop off my leg...

We had a sweet miracle with a part member family. Sister W is less active and she is so hilarious though and the sweetest lady. We have been teaching Brother W for a while and when we taught him on Saturday about the Plan of Salvation again, something "clicked" and a lot of it made more sense than it had before. He is so awesome and the prayer he said at the end was totally him talking to our Father in Heaven. He asked if he should be baptized and was really looking for an answer in his prayer. And tonight they are coming to dinner at the relief society president's house! It is going to be awesome!

Oh and if you haven't watched the mormon message "Earthly Father, Heavenly Father"... you should get on that. Our zone leaders showed it to us and it pumps you up to 
1. be a dad
2. own a farm!

I love you all and thanks for supporting me out here and being awesome! I hope everyone has a splendid week! 

Sister Brown II

Future Comps: Sister Keil and Sister Brown

Monday, July 21, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude

Hey family! So this week here are some things I am grateful for!
1. Really old Muncie computers to email on
2. Cardigans: It is still cold here. But I am grateful for not very much humidity!
3. Hoosier Hospitality
4. Crazy Muncie cat shirts: #fireworkeyes
5. Farm Fridays!:We go and help Charles out on his farm on Fridays and it is the best thing ever.
6. All the love and support that you show to me! Emails, letters, and awesome packages!
7. P. She was a complete miracle and she came to church with us yesterday! And the lesson we had with her on the restoration of the gospel was such a powerful spiritual experience! She is awesome! And her baby son G is adorable!
8. Vietnamese-English dictionaries: we are teaching L and she doesn't speak very good English but she is so prepared and awesome! The dictionary and the spirit help us to communicate.
9. The Ensign: Seriously if you haven't read through "Becoming Perfect in Christ" by Elder Gerrit W. Gong go and read it! And just look at the picture "Light of the World" by Howard Lyon. Gorgeous. My new favorite picture.
10. Primary Activities: we got to help out with the pioneer primary activity they had this week for Pioneer day this week and it was so much fun! We got to help the kids shake up and make butter... my arms are still sore because a lot of the kids got sick of shaking them... But it was so much fun!
Well time is up! I hope everyone has an awesome week! Heavenly Father loves you and so does Sister Brown II!!!
Sister Brown II

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hey Fam!

So this summer has been super mild for Indiana and I am SO grateful for that! Everyone tells us that the humidity has not been bad at all and the temperature has been really nice! Lots of people have been outside and we have had tons of people to talk to! 

Also a super cool miracle from this week was that we went to Steak n' Shake after district meeting and there was this awesome member from Elwood and she came over and said hello and then when we were going to go and pay for our food she told us that she was going to pay for our food! It was so nice of her and she is awesome! 

And another super cool miracle that happened yesterday! So we were dropped off by our member after a lesson with her to our next appointment where another member was going to meet us but the member did not show up! And so we ran down to another member's house, Sister Baker, and she was super awesome and had felt prompted not to lie down for a nap and so she was able to come out and drive us to our next appointment and we asked if she would want to stay for the lesson and help us teach and she said yes! And then she ended up being able to connect really well with our friend P and helped her to want to come to church next Sunday with her boys! It was awesome and a complete instance of God's grace because that was not the member we had planned on coming to that lesson! But it was the member that God knew P needed. 

There are so many cool things going on in MUNCIE! 

I hope everyone has a super week and don't forget to read in the Book of Mormon! I just finished Alma 49 and it was a sweet chapter!

Sister Brown II
1615 S. Glendale Dr.
Muncie, IN

Disneybounding today is brought to you by the film Peter Pan. It is also brought to you today by awesome mothers who send you really cool tribal skirts. 

I am Tiger Lilly.
Have a stellar week!

Chalk Talk

this was from last week and i apologize if it did not send...
So I know... I have been seriously slacking on the HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUTS!!
I hope everyone said HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO 'MURICA! And Carson! I hope you had a rad birthday there in Malad being the coolest life guard ever! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT STEPHANIE! And on Saturday is a happy happy birthday to UNCLE ANDY! And Saturday is also Grace's ADOPTION DAY! I will totally be celebrating you and how amazing you are here in Muncie (: There are so many reasons to celebrate!
And one of those is a..... BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!.... G B was baptized this weekend! He is a really amazing guy who we have been working with for quite some time. He was really excited to take that step and come closer to our Heavenly Father. While we were taking pictures before the baptism, he requested that we say "Smile for Jesus" instead of "Cheese". Oh he is so awesome! And his friend D came to the baptism and cried as we were talking about the restoration and now really wants to learn more about what G has learned! New investigators are everywhere!
Also on the 4th of July we were asked by President Porter to have a zone finding activity! So our zone went up to Elwood and drew with chalk on the ground and talked to everyone! Chalk talk!! Some people were to be talking full time and others were to draw and talk and could wear pday clothes. I was on chalk duty with Sister Denison as my exchange companion. We drew this awesome open book and on one side was Bible stories and on the other side was Book of Mormon stories! And in the middle was Christ. It was really cool and a lot of people stopped to talk to us.

We also drew a fan chart right in the entrance to the park and I helped the Elders draw that. A lot of people asked about that too and we were able to share a lot of cool experiences with Family History Work.

This week has been an awesome one and the work of salvation is hastening and progressing! I love you all and I hope you have a stupendous week!!
Sister Brown II
1615 S. Glendale Dr.
Muncie, IN

Monday, July 7, 2014

Muncie Life

So this is my life. Two baby racoons chillin' on the fence outside of our house. Probably crawling over to the creepy abandoned factory.

And Sister Benjamin SURPRISED me and came down for the baptism with her companion and some of their investigators!! Oh my goodness! Totally made my day!!

Sister Brown II