Monday, May 26, 2014


I hope everyone is having a fantastic day! We only have 4 hours of pday today and then the other 4 hours on Wednesday because Zone Conference is tomorrow and also because today is a holiday and so many families are going to be home, President asked us to get out and work! We are going to have so many miracles today and I am so stoked! 

Okay so I wanted to share some facts about Muncie, Indiana.

1. Potholes are crazy here. Driving is like Mario Kart on that one level where there are all the holes and you can't fall in them. It makes driving quite exciting. Except Sister Benjamin drives. Power of being a greenie!

2. Screen Doors. Everyone has them. And I feel as though nobody in Utah really did... But it can make knocking on doors a bit of a challenge when they are shut. People also have like inside porches. Those are kind of hard to describe but they also make knocking on doors quite the adventure.

3. Dandelions are your yard. I have never seen so many weeds everywhere in my life. And people just mow over them because there are just so many! Plus nobody needs sprinklers here and there are no brown yards because of the humidity and rain here!

4. This one is my favorite... The Hoosier Goose. Hoosier: pronounced (Who-shur). Indiana people refer to themselves as the Hoosiers. And they have these Goose statues that everyone has. And they dress them up. No joke. They all have holiday outfits and bonnets. They are so rad! Yard statues are big here but not too many gnomes.

So there are some Hoosier facts! I love you all and I hope you have a great week! Share the glad message of the gospel!

Oh! And so our latest progressing investigator is B and she is amazing. She is a dog trainer and she is so prepared. She has strengthened my testimony so much of the hastening of the work. Not only are there more missionaries out serving, but there are people who are literally waiting for the gospel to be shared with them. She is going to be baptized on June 7th! She is just the best and she totally brightens my day.

Sister Brown II

Monday, May 12, 2014

Hey It's May!

How is it already May? Time flies when you are out here serving! So we got transfer calls this morning and Sister Benjamin and I are staying in Muncie Indiana!! I am so thankful and I know that there is a lot of work for us to do in this area. It is crazy that it has already been one transfer!

So yesterday was so great! President Porter let us call home and SKYPE! It was so good to see your faces and get to hear your voices!! I loved all the stories that you told me. That was such a blessing.

Today we Disneybounded as Nemo and Dory. We like to Disneybound on Monday. Magical Mondays. They are awesome.

And on Saturday we had a mission wide social media split. Which is where the members came out with us and took pictures of us teaching and finding and doing missionary work and then posted them to social media to help get the word of missionary work to a lot of people! At stake conference last week there were a lot of talks given on the power of technology and sharing the gospel through it. We had a ward activity for Mother's day and that was really fun to go to and we got a lot of less actives to come so that was really awesome.

Nothing too crazy this week, but I would just challenge you to get on social media, send a text, and just share the gospel! It doesn't have to be anything huge and if you have any awesome stories about sharing the gospel I would LOVE to hear them! 

I love you all and thank you for supporting me! The work is amazing. 

Sister Brown II

Monday, May 5, 2014

Awesome Possum

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Any holiday is a reason to celebrate! AYEAYEAYE! Arrrriiba! (:

So two things about Muncie. There are HUGE potholes everywhere and there are possums. Sometimes we want to stop and see if they are alive and playing dead, or really dead. But then we think that that would be a really bad idea so we keep driving. 

Monday was ZONE DAY FUN DAY! Woo! The whole zone got together and we played human foosball, chair soccer, basketball and even had a marshmallow fight with pvc pipes. It was so awesome! Our zone is the best!

So this week Sister Boyce, an awesome member in our ward took us to this delicious little cupcake shop called "The Flour Shop" and it is the best cupcake ever. And I am not just saying that because I am a missionary. It was really so delicious.

Yesterday was the baptism of C. He is the best. He had been taught by missionaries for a really long time and was baptized yesterday! The spirit was really there and Sister Benjamin sang. She has a beautiful voice. C bore his testimony after he was baptized and just said "As you can see I am wet. But the feeling inside is much better." That testimony was so simple. But perfectly summed up how the spirit works. Sometimes it is hard to put into words, but the feeling is what it is all about. 

And Brother Logan. He is the best. He is a fiddler. And he owns like seven or more BEAUTIFUL violins. And he let me play on one when we stopped by! We had a little jam sesh. It was so stress relieving. And mom. I know, please reread that. Sister Brown II, wanting to play the violin? Yes! It is true! And those fiddling books that we learned from payed off! Popping out Devils Dream was awesome. Brother Logan can harmonize by ear and it was the coolest thing!

Oh and the Bell family heard I was a greenie and had us over for an all out greenie meal! They have done it for forever with missionaries and have it down. An all-star green breakfast that was equal parts delicious and fun!

This week was amazing! Heavenly Father knows us individually and personally. The scriptures are where we can find those gems each day when we read. Our callings are from the Lord. And He knows best.

Sister Brown II