Monday, April 28, 2014

Dinner with President

So our district rocks and we won a challenge for finding people so President and Sister Porter took us out to dinner!! It was delicious and a really great time! And I am wearing a super cute shirt from my awesome mother. It has bikes on it and everyone loves it. Because I have the best mom ever. 

Sister Brown II

Windy Indy

Indiana has crazy weather and crazy wind. It is always windy here. Probably because there are no mountains. But it rains a lot as well. So I am thankful for my super cute pink raincoat and rainboots.

Today is ZONE DAY FUN DAY!! WOO HOO!! Man I love my zone and today is  going to be so fun! And so I don't have much time to write... So this will be short!

This week was awesome. We had interviews with President Porter and I know that that man is called of God. He always speaks by the spirit and said some things that I really needed to hear. The love he has for this gospel and for the Lord is amazing. He is just the best. Interviews were awesome!

Sister Benjamin and I decided to be fun and Disneybound for the day. I am Jesse and she is Cinderella. Just to brighten up an already awesome day! Missionary work is so fun!

I love you all. This gospel is amazing and the work is hastening. I was reading Alma chapter 5 this morning and WOW that is powerful scripture. I find gems in the scriptures each day out here!

I love you all so much and thank you for supporting me!

Sister Brown II

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hello everyone! 

I hope that you all had a great Easter! I know that we sure did! I am so blessed to have amazing family and friends who love me and sent me so much fun Easter mail! That was fun to get all week!

So this week we had dinner at a member's home and she fed us Sugar Creme Pie. It is delicious. And I had never heard about it until coming here! She said that it was probably a southern thing. It was really good. I also ate octopus this week when a member took us to dinner at an Asian Buffet. I thought of Elder Solomon as we were eating. We also had Easter dinner at Sister Marsee's house with the Elders. She is so amazing and does so much for the missionaries. Her son comes home from Chile in 30 days. She keeps us updated and is so excited. I love her!

WE HAD A BAPTISM THIS WEEK! His name is D. D D. And I love that man. He has such a strong testimony and he is such a great example. He was confirmed by our Bishop and the blessing was beautiful. The work is moving forward and I am so excited to be a part of it! 

I have also been reading in the book of Mosiah. There are so many gems in that book! It is so great! I would encourage you if you have not read it in a while to read through it again. The Book of Mormon is true and there are so many answers to questions and ways that it can guide our lives if we will only open it and read it. 

Heavenly Father is just waiting to bless us. We are never alone in this. I love this gospel and I am so thankful for all of you for supporting me! 

Sister Brown II

Monday, April 14, 2014

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because I am in Muncie, Indiana. And animals are everywhere. A chicken crossed the road the other day and we about died laughing!

So this week! I went on my first exchange! With Sister Denison. Who has been out for about 10 months and she taught me so much. She is amazing and we did a ton of finding because it was really nice day outside so there were a lot of people outside! Sunshine is always helpful in finding. And finding was a part of missionary work that I was feeling like I was not very good in, so that was a good experience to help with that.

I also went to Pizza King for the first time! It is an Indiana specialty. It was a mix between a pizza place and one man band. Because you call in your order, but for pizza instead of breakfast food. Calling in orders is always fun (:

So we have a baptism this weekend! D is getting baptized! He is amazing. Although I have only been here two weeks, I have learned so much about faith and true conversion through working with D. I love him so much and he is the sweetest old man. 

My quick spiritual thought for the week because I am almost out of time is one I got from a specialized training we had on Wednesday with some of the zones that are around our area. 

We have constructed 142 spiritual houses for our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. But our bodies are constructed spiritual houses for the Holy Ghost. The third member of the Godhead can reside inside of us. 
1 Corinthians 6:19-20

As Easter is this weekend, I just want you to know that I know the Savior lives. That because He was resurrected, I can live with my Heavenly Father again someday. I know that every day I am out here serving, He lifts me and helps me to become someone I was not before. I can't do this on my own. But with Him I can work miracles and bless lives. As I trust in Him I can find His will for me in each day I am here. I know that He knows me by name and that He loves me so much more than I can comprehend.

I love you all and thank you for supporting me as I serve.

Sister Brown

Monday, April 7, 2014


Hello!!! I am still alive! It feels like it has been forever!! Sorry if I don't personally address things you asked me in emails, two weeks of emails was a lot to read through and I'm trying my best to remember everything that has happened! Pictures are worth a thousand words though so I'll send those too (:

So we left the MTC! And I was the travel leader! I was stressed until everyone was actually in the airport. The Elders in my district are amazing. They took such good care of us and were really helpful in getting luggage and humans to the terminal. We took Trax and Frontrunner to the airport and that was exciting. The plane was delayed getting to the terminal which gave us some more time to call home!!! That was the best. But the plane ride was good. When we landed we bumped into some people from BYU-H who were there for a competition and they were all so friendly and it was nice to be greeted by them! Then we got down to baggage claim and met President and Sister Porter!! 

They are so amazing. And the assistants Elder Benavides and Elder Bell are so great. We traveled back to the mission home and stayed there for the night. Dinner has never tasted so good. That food was delicious! We had some meetings downstairs about money and cars as President Porter pulled people out to interview them.

I know without a doubt that one of the reasons I am here in THE GREATER OCM (Ohio Cincinnati Mission is better than the Ohio Colombus Mission) is to work with President and Sister Porter. During that interview, even though it was only a couple of minutes long, I know that that man is called of God. That he loves me and that he would do anything for me and that I am going to be obedient to what he says because I know that he receives revelation from God.

So we stayed there for the night and then went to TRANSFERS in the morning! I was so nervous. I have been praying since the MTC to have a good trainer. To be with someone who is exactly obedient and loves the work. Someone who can teach me how to be the best missionary. And The Lord answers prayers. Sister Benjamin is my companion and trainer. And I love her. She is from Richfield Utah and is actually cousins with McKay Johnson who I know from Westlake and McKay is in Darrick Twede's ward so she knows him too! How crazy! But she is amazing. She teaches me so much each day and we get along so well. She has the most beautiful singing voice and we constantly sing. I love her so much and she is really an answer to my prayers.

I am serving in Muncie Indiana. We live in this little shack/gingerbread house/shoe box. It really is tiny but it is home. The people here are poor and struggle, but they are so humble. Please pray for them. The members, the nonmembers, everyone. Everyone needs those prayers. The members are so dedicated though to missionary work. They feed us well and are excellent cooks. They are so great about last minute splits and really have strong testimonies. I love them so much. And our investigators are amazing too. I am really so blessed with how easy it has been to open my heart to these complete strangers as I learn more about them and as we teach the gospel.

Oh and Conference was amazing. I am with Sister Brown on the fact that President Monson and Elder Bednar brought it home. I know that President Monson is our modern day prophet. Without a doubt. I love that man. We had an investigator watch it with us and that was really awesome! Today we are having District Fun Day. Our district is really awesome!

Well that is what I will cram in here for this week! I'm running out of time and I hope this made some kind of sense! Love you all and you are in my prayers. Missionary work is amazing and I am so thankful every day for the privilege it is to pin Christ's name next to mine on my chest each morning. 

I love it here in Muncie and know that I personally have a work here to do!

Sister Brown II

An Elder who is in Michigan now took this and just sent it to me. He was making fun of me but this is the face that I was known for in the MTC. Gotta love it!




There's Cincinnati, Folks!
 So many great packages! Thank you Kidd, Scott Brown and Foote Families!

Temple Walk in the RAIN!

 I was becoming famous for my crazy faces.

pic of Sister Arnold and I. She is amazing and was the one who went through the temple the same day I did.
Brother Nevarez my MTC teacher
 Sister Davidson

 Sister Pitts who I dearly love
 Sister Nishiguchi who I think is disapproving of me... 
  Brother and Sister Rich who were in my MTC branch presidency. I love them.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

She's Here!!

President and Sister Porter sent us this photo and a letter to confirm that she arrived and is now getting settled in the Ohio Cincinnati Mission!