Monday, December 29, 2014





Thanks for the glasses!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Remember That Time....

Remember that time that I found these on the back of someone's' car and just about had a heart attack because it was the best?!?

Monday, December 15, 2014

Well Hello There

1. It is my big sister Hillary Brown's BIRTHDAY! So everyone should wish her a happy birthday TODAY! What are the odds that her birthday would be TODAY and I would be able to wish her the happiest of birthdays!

2. I am living in Kentucky

3. Christmas is 10 days away. Just let that sink in.

4. I have the best family in the world. Thanks for all the packages and letters and support!

6. Sister Shaw is the best companion in the whole world and we have so much fun together!

7. Tomorrow is our mission Christmas conference and I will be playing Away in a Manger on the violin! One of the members in the ward is a violinist and she helped me to rent one! Yay!

8. I skipped number 5.

9. I hope that you all have a great week!

10. Sure love ya!

Sister  Brown II

Monday, December 8, 2014

Kentucky Fun

Hey so this week our mission had another social media split and then after we were done helping a member demolish part of his house we got to play on his rope swing! It was so much fun! That was a highlight from this week! 

Oh and we eat a lot of Graeter's Ice Cream. Buckeye Blitz is amazingly delicious! 

Transfer calls were today and Sister Shaw and I are staying in Kentucky! Kentucky Christmas! Sure love all of you!

Sister Brown II

Monday, December 1, 2014

Hey! So I'm Alive...

we wrapped presents for the bishop and his wife. i am still alive. in kentucky. have a great week!

Monday, November 24, 2014


It's the holiday season people!!!! How crazy and exciting is that?!?! This week we will all partake of delicious food! And just think! That one year ago on Wednesday is when this whole crazy journey to Ohio started! Well it started before that but on Wednesday was when I got an amazing phone call from my big sister in Germany. Half way across the WORLD and I got to hear her voice as I read that I would be going to the Ohio Cincinnati Mission. And then I got to hear "I love you Mad!" on the other line. Heavenly Father helped me to know that I was supposed to be going to this mission. That was a great day.

I have so much to be thankful for. I have an amazing companion Sister Shaw! I am serving a mission in Kentucky! I have an awesome district that dresses up in Harry Potter Gryffindor colors for district meeting. I have a great family that supports me while I am out here! President and Sister Porter and amazing! Heavenly Father is so great.
There are so many things to be grateful for. 

Sure love ya!

Sister Brown II

Monday, November 17, 2014

We laugh. We cry. We dumpster dive!

So this week has been an adventure! For one of the days we were on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders and I was with Sister Corbridge and she is so great! And then on Thursday we got to go and have zone conference with Elder William W. Anderson of the Second Quorum of the Seventy. It was awesome! And I received a lot of revelation of how I can change to become better. It was good to see President and Sister Porter again too. 

So this week I went dumpster diving for Sister Corbridge's camera too! That is how much I love my Sister Training Leaders. We found goggles in the cleaning closet and also gloves so that I wouldn't get ebola (haha) and went to work. The bummer was we never found the camera... It was still a great adventure though!

Also this morning we woke up and it was a WINTER WONDERLAND outside! THE FIRST SNOW! Sister Shaw is from California and so she isn't sure how she feels about it (: I'm loving it! But I am sure I will feel differently after Christmas (: 

Hope you all have a great week and know that I sure love ya!

Sister Brown II

Monday, November 10, 2014

Good Night Sleep Tight

hey so we found bed bug friends in the couch in the apartment here. So we did zero missionary work on Saturday and spent the whole day cleaning. And then moved the couch out at 8pm to the dumpster. those hula days of moving the couch pay off! And we felt like the Grinch sneaking it out at night. I videoed that and you can see it in a year haha (: 

Pray for us!!


Hey so here I am in the promised land of Kentucky! Sister Shaw is awesome and we are slowly figuring things out here! Hope you all have a great week! And dream of Graeter's ice cream because it is delicious! Buckeye Blitz forever! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

That Moment When...

That Moment When.....
*You get transferred out of your first area.
*And you go to a transfer meeting with 90% of the mission. It was literally a really huge transfer meeting!
*And you get transferred to KENTUCKY! 
*And you also get DOUBLED INTO your area! Which just means that both you and your companion are new to the area and have not served there before.
*And you flood your kitchen the first night that you are there.
*And you have no idea what you are doing and so you just pray a lot and follow what God tells you to do!
*And because you have no idea what you are doing you go and buy yourself Christmas in October (aka a Garmin GPS) so that you can find your way around!
*And your companion is Sister Shaw and she is so funny and awesome and is teaching me so much and how to not stress out about being new!
Kentucky is going to be quite the adventure! It's awesome! Hope you all have a great week!

Sure love ya!

Sister Brown II

Monday, October 20, 2014

HELLO! Oh man I cannot even wait to get to go to the temple again this week! You don't miss the temple until you really cannot go! Six months is a long time to go without the temple, especially when back home it was 20 minutes away! SO EXCITED! We are going on Wednesday! So that will be some fun adventures to email about this week. Sister Pratt is going to drive us down there and her family just moved here a while ago and so I am excited for the drive to get to know her better (: plus she said that we would have to take a TON of photos because transfer calls are next Monday and so this could possibly be my last week in Muncie... I just don't think about that scary fact!

So this week has been great! Last night we had a Why I Believe fireside that our recent convert Caroline Payne came to and LOVED. We had a testimony meeting to start out with and she even bore her testimony of Joseph Smith in front of everyone and that was HUGE for her. Then we played a game with guessing which scriptures Brother Kirk was reading. And Caroline got one of the scriptures! It was a lot of fun.

Today we are having a ZONE DAY FUN DAY! Of CARVING PUMPKINS!!! I am not sure what I will carve. Maybe I will try to carve President Porter's face... just kidding (: 

The leaves are CHANGING! It is so beautiful here! There are SO many trees and it is just so great! I have a new obsession with yellow trees (: And sometimes I draw sunshine outside of our door with chalk on our sidewalk to combat the gloomy days! (: 

The work here in Muncie is great (: And I love being a missionary!

Have a great week and maybe this week you should all draw a picture of something that has happened to you recently and send it to your favorite missionary (I will be patiently waiting by the mailbox) just kidding! But I always love new artwork to hang up around our house! (: 

Sister Brown II

Be Thou Clean

Yesterday I had to go and find a vacuum to get up some smushed cheerios and the cleaning closet reminded me of a roomier version of my Frontier hobbit home. That closet was a great place (: 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What a week!

Holy cow this week has been CRAZY! We had interviews with President and Sister Porter this week and then we also had Zone Meeting and then yesterday we were in Ohio for the Sister's Conference! It has been so great and there have been miracles going on all around!

The Sister's Conference was so great! We got to hear from President and Sister Porter. President Porter talked about the doctrine of womanhood. And it was some deep stuff! My head usually hurts after he talks to us for a while because he just understands so much! The Sister Training Leaders talked to us about the Atonement and how we can best use it, how to be appropriate with the Elders and how to see ourselves as God sees us.  We also had a clothing item swap, learned a kick-box cardio routine and played fun games. It was really great to spend a day with all of the sisters in the mission. The spirit was really strong and helped me to learn things that I needed to. 

I just want you all to know that the power of Christ's Atonement is real. It can change us. It is what heals us and helps us to become more than what we are. I know that I am seeing that and learning how to rely on that out here. I know that life can be hard, but that Heavenly Father will send His spirit to teach us how to get through it. He will strengthen us. We are never alone.

Oh and you can find peppermint ice cream in Walmart in October now. My mind was blown. But my stomach was really happy because everyone knows that peppermint ice cream is delicious! 

Have a great week! My zone gets to go to the temple on October 22nd!!! I am SO excited for that! 

Sister Brown II