Monday, October 20, 2014

HELLO! Oh man I cannot even wait to get to go to the temple again this week! You don't miss the temple until you really cannot go! Six months is a long time to go without the temple, especially when back home it was 20 minutes away! SO EXCITED! We are going on Wednesday! So that will be some fun adventures to email about this week. Sister Pratt is going to drive us down there and her family just moved here a while ago and so I am excited for the drive to get to know her better (: plus she said that we would have to take a TON of photos because transfer calls are next Monday and so this could possibly be my last week in Muncie... I just don't think about that scary fact!

So this week has been great! Last night we had a Why I Believe fireside that our recent convert Caroline Payne came to and LOVED. We had a testimony meeting to start out with and she even bore her testimony of Joseph Smith in front of everyone and that was HUGE for her. Then we played a game with guessing which scriptures Brother Kirk was reading. And Caroline got one of the scriptures! It was a lot of fun.

Today we are having a ZONE DAY FUN DAY! Of CARVING PUMPKINS!!! I am not sure what I will carve. Maybe I will try to carve President Porter's face... just kidding (: 

The leaves are CHANGING! It is so beautiful here! There are SO many trees and it is just so great! I have a new obsession with yellow trees (: And sometimes I draw sunshine outside of our door with chalk on our sidewalk to combat the gloomy days! (: 

The work here in Muncie is great (: And I love being a missionary!

Have a great week and maybe this week you should all draw a picture of something that has happened to you recently and send it to your favorite missionary (I will be patiently waiting by the mailbox) just kidding! But I always love new artwork to hang up around our house! (: 

Sister Brown II

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