Monday, April 28, 2014

Windy Indy

Indiana has crazy weather and crazy wind. It is always windy here. Probably because there are no mountains. But it rains a lot as well. So I am thankful for my super cute pink raincoat and rainboots.

Today is ZONE DAY FUN DAY!! WOO HOO!! Man I love my zone and today is  going to be so fun! And so I don't have much time to write... So this will be short!

This week was awesome. We had interviews with President Porter and I know that that man is called of God. He always speaks by the spirit and said some things that I really needed to hear. The love he has for this gospel and for the Lord is amazing. He is just the best. Interviews were awesome!

Sister Benjamin and I decided to be fun and Disneybound for the day. I am Jesse and she is Cinderella. Just to brighten up an already awesome day! Missionary work is so fun!

I love you all. This gospel is amazing and the work is hastening. I was reading Alma chapter 5 this morning and WOW that is powerful scripture. I find gems in the scriptures each day out here!

I love you all so much and thank you for supporting me!

Sister Brown II

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