Monday, May 12, 2014

Hey It's May!

How is it already May? Time flies when you are out here serving! So we got transfer calls this morning and Sister Benjamin and I are staying in Muncie Indiana!! I am so thankful and I know that there is a lot of work for us to do in this area. It is crazy that it has already been one transfer!

So yesterday was so great! President Porter let us call home and SKYPE! It was so good to see your faces and get to hear your voices!! I loved all the stories that you told me. That was such a blessing.

Today we Disneybounded as Nemo and Dory. We like to Disneybound on Monday. Magical Mondays. They are awesome.

And on Saturday we had a mission wide social media split. Which is where the members came out with us and took pictures of us teaching and finding and doing missionary work and then posted them to social media to help get the word of missionary work to a lot of people! At stake conference last week there were a lot of talks given on the power of technology and sharing the gospel through it. We had a ward activity for Mother's day and that was really fun to go to and we got a lot of less actives to come so that was really awesome.

Nothing too crazy this week, but I would just challenge you to get on social media, send a text, and just share the gospel! It doesn't have to be anything huge and if you have any awesome stories about sharing the gospel I would LOVE to hear them! 

I love you all and thank you for supporting me! The work is amazing. 

Sister Brown II

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