Monday, July 28, 2014

Muncie Island

BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUTS! So hey! Dallin Solomon, you had a birthday yesterday and I hope it was the best day of your life! And this Saturday is a birthday SHOUT OUT to the BEST MOM EVER! Seriously, anyone and everyone reading this... if you see my mom give her a HUGE hug for me! Because she is the best ever! And it is her BIRTHDAY! 

So this week has been fantastic! So last Monday our district went to Muncie Island. Which is some guy's backyard that he transformed into an island paradise! It is a sandy beach and has relax chairs and a waterfall and he serves smoothies. This guy is on island time though and opens roughly around 5pm. Which is cutting it close for missionaries who are not on island time and begin proselyting at 6pm. We went and it was magical. The mango smoothie with ice cream that I got was heavenly. That is the most relaxed I have been in a while (: 

This week we also packed a lunch in our cooler and ate at a park while we were out and about and at the park it had this ancient looking merry-go-round thing. The only other place I have seen one at is the park in Malad Idaho. So of course after we ate I hopped on that and spun myself around! It was so much fun. I love those things!

And on Saturday we went and did some service in the community and Elder Carter showed me how to use a chainsaw! It was pretty sweet and everyone still has their limbs and everything so that is good. Elder Carter looks pretty concerned in the picture... he was worried I was going to swing it down and chop off my leg...

We had a sweet miracle with a part member family. Sister W is less active and she is so hilarious though and the sweetest lady. We have been teaching Brother W for a while and when we taught him on Saturday about the Plan of Salvation again, something "clicked" and a lot of it made more sense than it had before. He is so awesome and the prayer he said at the end was totally him talking to our Father in Heaven. He asked if he should be baptized and was really looking for an answer in his prayer. And tonight they are coming to dinner at the relief society president's house! It is going to be awesome!

Oh and if you haven't watched the mormon message "Earthly Father, Heavenly Father"... you should get on that. Our zone leaders showed it to us and it pumps you up to 
1. be a dad
2. own a farm!

I love you all and thanks for supporting me out here and being awesome! I hope everyone has a splendid week! 

Sister Brown II

Future Comps: Sister Keil and Sister Brown

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