Monday, July 27, 2015

This week has been so much fun! And sorry for the super late in the day emails... we were at the temple this morning with a part member family and it was so great! And then our district went bowling and Sister Jones creamed everyone! It was so much fun and sometimes I forget how competitive I get. And then we went and got delicious snow cones afterwards. I have not had a snow cone in forever! Last Monday Sister Jones and I went down to Richmond to play soccer with the Elders and their youth and it was really fun.

There have been so many miracles with the Indy Temple Open house though! We took our friends the Reber family from the ward and Jacob Reber brought his girlfriend who is not a member but she LOVED the tour and wants to learn more! She is the best! And lots of the people that have been coming through have been so prepared by Heavenly Father to feel the Spirit in His house.

We also had a special meeting with Elder SinClair of the Seventy this week who is over the Indy Temple Open House and we talked about how with a Marvelous Work comes a Mischievous Work.... and that there are protesters and some of them are not even allowed on the church property anymore because of some crazy things. They are helping us to be prepared though and they make sure that we have help in case they come and take a tour and get in our faces or anything. We all just felt super calm about it all though because... news flash!!! God wins!! Heavenly Father wins. We know that! In the end He is the winner and those that fight against Him will have to deal with Him and we all just felt a lot of peace knowing that we are doing His work.

Okay and BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUT to DALLIN TODAY! Sorry for the oodles of people that I have slacked on this month... Like all of the Cobabes... 

We also had zone conference this week and it was amazing all the revelation that we received! President Porter is so inspired. And it is just fun to be with missionaries for a whole day (: And it was super fun to get to drive through Muncie again and to be at the Muncie building (:

We had a 24th of July PROGRAM. Not a ward activity. A PROGRAM. There was an outline and at first there were ancestor stories shared. And then the kids went on a huge trek out west. They crossed a kiddie pool to be a river. They played a "buffalo chip" toss game (and the pieces they used to play with looked as nasty as buffalo chips are!). They played stick pull and I was really upset to be in a skirt otherwise I would have challenged Sister Jones. And then the whole ward square danced. It was awesome. Plus there was dinner before and ice cream after. It was awesome! 

And as we were thinking about our pioneer ancestors this week we heard about the website and it seriously is the coolest! You can go on there and see how you are related to famous people and also link to other people's accounts and see how you are related to them! It was fun to do with the missionaries.

Welp! I hope that everyone has a great week! And find some time to spend in the temple! It is well worth the sacrifice of your time and even just being on the grounds will change hearts!

Sure love ya and thanks for all of the support that you give to me! LOVE YOU!

Sister Brown

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