Monday, July 20, 2015

Temple Transfer

Seriously all this transfer consists of is the TEMPLE! It is awesome! This week alone we were at the temple all the time! We were there on Sunday for a missionary tour and then we got to go last Monday for a special tour with Elder Richards of the Seventy just for the sister missionaries that were going to be working the open house. That was the coolest tour of a temple I have ever been on! He talked about so many amazing things!

And then on Friday I was able to go to the Columbus Ohio temple because Sister Bonnie Krupa was ENDOWED! It was so special to be there and to see her make those covenants. She was so happy! And we got to sit in while the temple matron talked to her and that was really special too.

And then on Saturday we got to serve at the Indy temple open house and it was so amazing! We saw so many miracles from it and it was a lot of fun too! Seeing so many people and I saw people from Ohio that I knew and I also saw Elder Diaz from high school so it was just a lot of happy reunions and meeting all of their friends that they brought! We also met people who traveled from West Virginia, Florida, Virginia and Chicago to come and to see the temple! It was amazing!

So Elder McDade who is serving in the same ward as us is a piano master. And our ward mission leader asked us to play at the fireside that we had on Sunday and so I found a violin and we played "Did You Think To Pray?" and it was awesome! And Elder McDade is awesome and accompanying even though he hadn't done it for violin before. (Hillary and Bex you know how that is...) But Sister Jones recorded it for me and so yall can watch that in Utah sometime.

This week has just been so amazing! We are serving again in the temple and we also have our investigators going with us earlier in the week and we have zone conference this Wednesday and so it is just going to be a super busy spirit filled week!

Oh and don't even worry that I am just super nasty looking in some of the photos. The humidity has spiked and standing there in it for hours makes your makeup run off your face (:

Love you all and thanks for the support!

Sister Brown

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