Monday, July 13, 2015


That was the theme of our zone miracles that we text out this week. And I was transferred into the Anderson Indiana ward with Sister Jones and we had so many old people adventures this week! It was awesome! So Sister Jones and I are both new here in Anderson (this is my 3rd time being doubled in) and we are BOTH new Sister Training Leaders. Basically that means that we have no idea what we are doing 100% of the time. Sister Jones is AMAZING though and helps me out so that I am not overwhelmed and that things go great!

We are serving with Elder McDade and Elder Wells as Zone Leaders and also in our ward and they are awesome! Elder Wells has been a Spanish Elder his whole mission. It's pretty awesome and they are great Elders to work with! So things are going great here in Anderson and the ward is awesome and we were not left much of a teaching pool so we are just going out and talking to everyone!

We also saw this kid who was riding his bike and drinking Kool-aid and then as we waved while we drove by he spit out his Kool-aid and almost crashed his bike. It was super comical. So many weird things have been happening and we meet so many interesting people. One of our recent converts called us after he got bit by a dog... and then went to the ER. And our apartment had a Pooh Bear shower curtain, rug, TOILET SEAT COVER, and trash can. Sister Jones and I couldn't handle it so we are remodeling our bathroom. It has just been quite the adventure this week! Oh and we got to make candy leis with a member for the girls that are at girls camp this week! It reminded me of graduation week mom!

BUT HERE IS THE BEST NEWS EVER! WE GET TO HELP WITH THE INDY TEMPLE OPEN HOUSE! We got to take a preliminary tour yesterday as missionaries and it is my favorite temple! I love it so much! It is so beautiful and unique and we are just going to get everyone there to see it! Plus since we are sisters living close to the temple we get to help with the tours and everything! We are so excited and only 6 sets of sisters in our WHOLE mission get to help with it!

Also I have been studying Doctrine and Covenants section 109 where it is the dedicatory prayer on the Kirtland temple and in verse 13 it talks about how anyone who enters onto the threshold of the temple will be able to feel the spirit and know that it is the house of the Lord. HEARTS ARE GOING TO CHANGE! People and families will not be the same because of this event and I know that I am one of them. Even just going through that one time changed and helped to lift my spirits. I love the temple so much and I am so excited to help people to see how it can change their lives!

Sister Jones and I seriously feel SO blessed to be in this area. It is so supportive and of all the sister missionaries in the mission Heavenly Father kept us in the Muncie Stake so that we can be involved the most with this temple!

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