Monday, September 21, 2015

Satan thou son of the morning

I received revelation this week on why it can be so hard to get out of be in the morning.  2 Nephi 24:12. There you have it folks. That is why!
So this week has been crazy!  We had exchanges with both the areas of sisters are are over BACK TO BACK.  It was nuts.  Just putting all of your thoughts into how you can help the sisters in a 24 hour period is kind of nuts! But it was really great.  The sisters that we are over are the best and I learned a lot about myself and also the skills I have gained on my mission. 
Siste Keim has this thing.  It's called "I love to put fabric over my head". I literally had to ask her how much of her life has been spent with her head under a blanket or scarf or hoodie.... Haha but  now we have "Thinking Turbans". When you really need to connect with God, just slip your scarf onto your head.  #problemsolved
This week we have lots of exciting things.  We will have another exchange and then the SISTERS CONFERENCE will be on Thursday.  I am SO excited about that! Last year was SO much fun. So I am excited that we  get to do it again!
Well I'm gonna go party with my zone at the park this week.  

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