Monday, August 17, 2015

Bye Bye Anderson

So we got the calls today and Sister Jones and I are BOTH leaving Anderson. Elder Wells is going home and so Elder McDade will be the only one staying here. That is kind of exciting but kind of nerve racking at the same time. This will be my last transfer and so I am excited to see where Heavenly Father wants me to be!

So here are some exciting things that have happened this week in Anderson!

So we went to "The Bank" for dinner one day. It was an old bank in Pendleton that has been renovated into a restaurant and everyone here raves about their "breaded tenderloin". Sister Jones and I enjoyed it but didn't rave about it and ultimately decided that it was just a glorified chicken sandwich.

We also helped to hold our first zone meeting as Sister Training Leaders and it went really well! Elder McDade and I trained on Bishop's Reports and it went smoothly. So that was great. Obviously Sister Jones and I were still learning but everyone said that our training was their favorite! So that was nice to hear.

Sister Jones and I have literally been jamming out to music ( music...) every day in our Jeep. Yes we drive a Jeep and yes I probably already talked about it but I just love our Jeep. We drove a Jeep in the office too and so it's the best.

Church was literally the weirdest thing of my whole life. This little 4 year old Emma and her teenager sister sat by us and to help her sister out so that she could pay attention we played with Emma. And she had stickers and she proceeded to put stickers all over Sister Jones and my arms. So we had tats for the day. And then we started drawing and she would tell me what to draw.

So we drew a princess. And then a castle. And then a dragon breathing fire with three legs and a flag coming out of its head. She was very specific. Love her.

Love you all! Have a great week and I'll let you know where I am at next week!

Sister Brown

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