Monday, June 1, 2015

Freakly Weekly Email

Hey so just so everyone knows Sister Brown has the Juneyear resolution. It is to become the greatest harmonizer who ever lived! Jokes. But I really am trying to figure out how to harmonize to add some fun to our hymns in the morning. This should be an adventure!

Anywho things have been going well here in Indiana. Just walking around in the rain talking to everyone about Jesus. It's pretty entertaining. This week we met a guy with about 4 teeth and he was telling us about how scary movies unleash Satan into your home. (hmm... that's a nice though sir, it's good to meet you too!) So then we talked to him about happy things and how the Holy Ghost makes us feel good inside instead of unleashing Satan.... he said he was going to return the movies to his friend... (alright there! haha) oh the people you meet as a missionary. It's awesome!

This week we also helped pack up one of our favorite families. Their girls are literally my favorites and Sister Hills is one of the Six Sisters (they have a cute blog and cookbooks and stuff) and I just love their family! It was hard to say goodbye to them and let them move to Texas... 

Have a great week! Sure love ya!

Sister Brown

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