Monday, April 13, 2015

Oh man okay so I am not going to be "that" missionary that writes this big ol' long letter and makes you wait for a long time without telling you that I AM BEING TRANSFERRED AND I AM TRAINING!!! Yes, that does mean that I will be being doubled into my next area and President told me that I am also opening up an area. And I felt SO good as we talked. Not freaked out at all. Sure a little nervous, training a new missionary is a big deal. But I know that this is right. And I know that Heavenly Father is going to help me. This is going to be such an adventure!

So on Monday I cooked an Asian Invasion meal at the Porter's and it was delicious. It satisfied my craving I have had for a year for dad's cabbage and chicken Thai food. So my tummy was really really happy. And all the Elders in the ward liked it too. President Porter loves international food and he was thrilled with everything.

This week was also Floral Friday and there were these rockin' tights at Target on sale and so I had to get them. I have a love for them. And also this week I got a fun package from my dear family in Malad! So thanks for the cutest sweater ever Cobabe fam!! Love it!

And my district leader Elder Seegmiller is literally the coolest person ever and I was feeling inadequate about my finding so I asked him if we could have a training during district meeting about finding. He said only if we would agree to do whatever he asked us to do. I agreed but my companions said they weren't sure (aka no). But then we haven't have district meeting for the past two weeks because of specialized training and zone meeting and so Elder Seegmiller arranged for us to go on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders and we had a finding adventure! I was with Sister Christensen and we literally just were talking to everyone on the streets of the ghetto and trying new finding techniques. I learned SO much. It was a great training and I know that it will help me with my training adventures!

Love ya fambam and I will update you with my new address and name of my lil' baby next week!

Sister Brown
Ohio Cincinnati Mission

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