Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter

Hope that everyone had a great Easter Sunday and celebrated while they watched General Conference!

Highlights from Sister Brown:

-Consider the Lillies (cue the laughter from Hills)
-Uchtdorf speaking in German (made me think of my germy sis)
-That ONE guy in the motab with a stache
-When we stood up to sing the intermediate hymns and I had a flashback to all the conferences in the past where we would have conference playing on the upstairs and downstairs TVs and I would yell that I couldn't hear the people upstairs singing and then dad would start belting the hymns. #openthebackdoor #brownstyle
-Elder L. Whitney Clayton's talk about choices. MAN! That answered so many questions that I have had. That was a great talk. 
-Bawling through Elder Hollands' talk. Loved loved loved it.

SO many great things were taught in General Conference and I cant' wait to study the talks more!

The assistants pranked me on April Fools day. Which was also my year mark of being in the field. So many memories of my first day in Muncie Indiana. My trainer had dyed the milk green to try and freak me out but I was so out of it anyways I didn't even notice! haha (: And that I taught my first lesson that day. Or more like sat in on my first lesson seeing as I was too scared to open my mouth. 

Also on that April first day the assistants called me while we were out to lunch after a lesson and said that they had left a green sticky note on my desk with some information that an Elder needed pronto. I said we would be back from lunch in 45 minutes and then would get it before we went to our next lesson. They called 10 minutes later saying that they needed it RIGHT THEN. So we packed up our lunches and ran to the office. As we were pulling up they sent me a text saying "It's on a GREEN sticky note" and that was when I started getting suspicious. I walk into the office and my desk is covered in green sticky notes.... oh Elders...

And then Elder Beckman comes out and they were FILMING the whole thing and my dumb reaction on their go pro! We watched it back and it was super funny because I am kind of a dramatic fool. But it was really embarrassing in the moment. So funny though (: haha those Elders make life so much fun!

So this week we also had specialized training. And it was really great and we talked about studies and teaching and how we can refine to become better. But halfway through the assistants tell us they have an activity they are going to have us do and they will explain the meaning and application behind it later in the training. 

So they have us all stand up and they tell us to put our hands in the air and move our tables and chairs around to face the other side of the gym without our hands as fast as we can. So we do it and then we sit down. And the tell us to do it again! To move our chairs and tables back how they originally were without our hands. And then once that is all done they just move right along with the training.

After the meeting as we were driving home I sat there pondering about the training and what I can change to be a better missionary when I realize that they never told us the reason why we did that. So I called them and realized that they just wanted us to look like fools. Sister Porter was taking photos the whole time and I realized after the fact as we were doing it that they kept saying "keep your hands up!!". Our mission is ready for any challenge. Let's just say that. I laughed SO hard at that. The assistants are so funny to me.

It has been a great week and I hope that you all felt the love of our Savior this weekend! I know that He Lives! And Because He Lives we will live again. Because He lives we can overcome the person that we are today and become someone new. I have seen that on my mission. I am not the same frustrated person I was 4 months ago. I no longer want to go home. I want to stay and help those around me. I want to be the Lord's hands here in Ohio. 

There is such joy in life and so much to laugh at! Even if it is just the four year old sitting next to you at family prayer after a lesson growling and saying he wants his legos. That literally happened. Yes Kai you have a Caucasian twin (:

I love my Savior and I LOVE YOU! 

Sister Brown

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