Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekly Adventures

Last Monday it was GORGEOUS weather. The warmest it has been in a while. And so we got permission to go downtown and go to the top of Carew tower which is the tallest tower in Cincinnati (: And it was so amazing! Seeing everything and it had just been raining buckets and so the river is overflowing. Like there were streets that we could see across the river in Newport Kentucky that were just going off into the river!

We also had an emergency call this week that a missionary was having to go home for a little bit while our companion Sister Low was on exchanges and so Sister Porter and I ran down to the Kentucky Airport. We had to deliver her renewed license to her that had been sent to me at the office and we were just going to do it at interviews, but then she needed it that day and so we took a road trip. Traffic was AWFUL and I got bored and so I started putting skittles in my mouth and seeing how many I could hold in there and still be able to whistle (: It was super weird being in an airport but I complimented a girl who was on a layover and we talked to her for a time. Airports are the best place to catch people because they literally have nothing else to do but sit there. Abby was super nice!

I also got this really awesome package from my daddio that had only TONS of Oreos in it. Let's just say that my tummy has been really happy and that we had to buy another gallon of milk (: AND a package from my mamma with a super cute Ohio shirt and a hula girl key chain! AND a package from the Boyle family!! AND a letter from Hillary with emoji songs to figure out! I have the best family ever!!!! (:

OH! And we went and helped a less active member clean out her old house because they have moved and are selling it and so we helped her scrub down the floors and walls and kitchen. But in her son's room there were glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. But all the furniture was gone... So we put our heads and bodies together and I climbed upon Sister Porter's shoulders (imagine at this moment Matt Meese being the shoulder devil) it was awesome. And OF COURSE we captured it in selfie mode.

This morning I lived through an audit! That was exciting....

It's been a great week! Lots of awesome lessons and people we have met! 

Sure love ya!

Sister Brown II

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