Monday, March 16, 2015

Week of Memories

Hey fambam! So the theme of the week has been "Do it for the Journal Entry" which is half a joke because none of us write in our journals... I should do better at that... #repentance

Journal Entry #1

So Monday we go over to President's house for the conference call (perks of serving in Western Hills) and before it starts I was telling Sister Porter about this rash that I have had (long story short I'm fine) so then Elder Seegmiller tells me that he knows the home remedy for rashes as he walks to the spice rack. At this point all I can think of is Googles putting cayenne pepper into your eyes to help with your sinus infections...

So he pulls out the cinnamon and tells me that a spoonful of cinnamon will cure any rash. And I know that he is just kidding and trying to do the cinnamon challenge... so he talks me into it a little bit and I agree so we load up our spoons and Sister Porter grabs her camera to record it and we do the cinnamon challenge! Dang. It BURNS! I couldn't taste anything for a solid 12 hours. It all tasted like cinnamon and BURNED! My ears killed and I was involuntarily crying. It was awesome. 

Journal Entry #2

So on Tuesday the Elders come into the office with a bottle of doterra peppermint essential oils and Elder Beckman says that we should all put it under our eyes on our cheek bones to see what it feels like. So we all put it on there and it BURNS! I literally could not open up my eyes from how much it hurt and my eyes were watering like crazy! We tried having a staring contest and it was the most painful thing I have done! haha (: It made for another great video though! And while we were doing Elder Beckman throws out there that the bottle specifically says NOT to put it near your eyes...

Journal Entry #3

So on Wednesday we had ZONE MEETING and my zone is so much fun right now! So we played this super fun game during zone meeting as part of our training on finding and talking to everyone. 

So one person in the companionship is an investigator and one is the missionary. And the missionaries go and walk the halls while the gators decide which missionary is  going to be "theirs". And the point of the game is for the missionary to find and get a return appointment with "their" gator. And the gators are supposed to reject everyone who is not their missionary.

So we start playing and all the gators are running around in costumes and playing really funny parts. One elder grabbed the cub scout flag and book from a classroom and is pretending to be a boy scout. Two Elders got the wheel chair and some funny hats and were being old war veterans. The sisters were more tame and just texting or reading books. 

So I start talking to everyone and Elder Gibb is one of the old war veterans and he was pretty grouchy. So I try talking to the sisters and they "reject" me and so after I have talked to everyone I feel like everyone rejected me! So then I just decide to try everyone again. But by this time a lot of people already have found "their" person. And the only people that are left are the war veteran grandpas. And they were kind of intimidating! Even as missionaries. And so I go to talk to the grouchy men and one of them ends up being "my" gator but I am such an awkward human being that I am so glad it was a missionary and not a real old man. 

Journal Entry #4

So on Friday we had the opportunity to go to the TEMPLE! But this is the journal entry for Thursday. And our ride fell through. No ride for us. We call and text EVERYONE in the ward and NOTHING. Nada. Zilch.  We had no idea how we were going to get to the temple. So then our awesome STL's call and say that they are catching a ride with the Fairfield sisters and that they have two extra seats. And the assistants were going with our Bishop's wife since there are three of them and so then I called President and we got it approved that I could go with Bishop's wife and Sister Porter and Sister Low would go with the other sisters. It was a crazy night of arranging rides at 10pm at night and then getting up early the next morning so that we could make it to the Louisville temple for the 10am session!

Journal Entry #5

So on Friday we got to go to the LOUISVILLE TEMPLE!!! It was so amazing and it was dumping buckets that day and so I was so grateful that nobody got in an accident and that everyone was safe while driving. And it was such a great experience! The feeling in the temple is like none other. I was just so happy! And excited to be a part of this and to have the restored gospel in my life! It feels so good! I have a testimony of modern and personal revelation too because of the things that I have been learning lately in my scripture study and from the Temple today!

Journal Entry #6

Saturday we had exchanges with our STL's Sister Anderson and Christensen. Sister Porter and I were with Sister Anderson and it was a lot of fun (: We went out and tried to contact a less active family that the YW president has been wanting us to see but they didn't live there and so there was this guy raking his leaves and we went and talked to him and his name is Jimmy and he was really excited to talk to us and to get his family involved too! Plus we went over to a member's hosue to teach them this member lesson that our stake president and President Porter have put together and they gave us a sack lunch at the end (: They are so cute.

Journal Entry #7

Sunday was just a great day! Church was awesome and we went to a nursing home where the Dixon's live and Brother and Sister Dixon are both recent converts and so we have sacrament meeting at their nursing home (long story short). But this time all the missionaries in the ward (all 8 of us) went and there were like 5 other people from the nursing home there and it was really awesome! Plus I got to go out on splits with my good friend Lauren to teach some lessons and it was awesome to get to talk to her. haha plus she told me that all the girls in the stake have a crush on one of the elders... haha that made me laugh so hard.

It's been a great week! Hope you had a great one! 

Sure love ya!

Sister Brown II

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