Monday, January 12, 2015

Hey There

I can't even keep track of days anymore and life is just kind of a blur. It has gotten pretty cold here but I am a master at layering. So I stay nice and warm (: There has been some freezing rain and also snow and last Monday we were driving home from President's house (because everyone in our ward goes there for the mission conference call) And then we were driving home and the roads were snowy and we almost ran off the road and died. But Heavenly Father didn't want us to die so He stopped our car. I totally believe that. 

And luckily the assistants were following behind us since we live near them and they helped us get our car unstuck and okay. They are awesome Elders. 

Today we are going bowling as a district for funday and so I will try to send pics next week. 

Thanks for supporting me through this and for all the love! I hope that everyone has a great week!

Sister Brown

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