Friday, January 23, 2015


Hey there fambam! So just fyi I am not being disobedient by emailing you, President called us yesterday and told us that we will not be getting a prep day on Monday due to all the things we have to do to get ready for Zone Conferences this week and so we are doing some of our things today.

This last week has been crazy! On Monday we went to the Newport Aquarium and it was super awesome! That night I also got to go over and meet the new missionaries because we have to copy their driver's license and get some more paperwork from them. They are so cute!

So the first night at the mission home is kind of an orientation night and the assistants decided to do something super awesome and they take them to Echo Park and do this super cool thing while you are watching the Cincinnati Skyline at night all lit up while President talks to you. And Sister Flanagan and I also got permission from President Porter to GO WITH THEM!!! Oh my goodness it was the best way to spend my last night with Sister Flanagan (: She is so amazing and it was really hard to go to the transfer meeting the next day and say "see ya later" to her and the two assistants that were going home because all of them are my best friends. That was a little ruff.

But Sister Low is now my companion and she is from Scotland. Her and her sister are the only members of her family and she joined the church when she was 16. She is amazing. And I love her so much! The office has not burst into flames yet and so hopefully I can keep dealing with insurance companies and reckless missionaries as well as I have been. I never thought on my mission that I would wake up every morning and really pray that EVERY single missionary is safe and protected each day. Puts a new perspective on things. 

The office is great. Life is exciting. Crazy. But exciting. 

You all are amazing and know that I love you so much! Have a great week!

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