Monday, September 29, 2014

Sweet Caroline

I hope that you all sang the subject line in your head. Preferably out loud. If not you should do so now (: Because we have been singing it all week! Our district leader Elder Price sings it to us often too. It's spreading over Muncie North Zone (:

But we have been singing it because CAROLINE WAS BAPTIZED! It was such a great spiritual experience! And she is already planning to go and see each temple in the United States. She is temple crazy. Caroline was a referral from her sister who is a member in our ward. And her daughter is a member of the YSA here. It was really cool to see that her heart was softened and that right now was her time to hear the gospel and accept it. Because when her sister and daughter were baptized she was opposed to it. But her baptism was so great and she is just so ready to progress in this gospel. It's amazing to see God's work.

And I got stung by a bee for the first time in my life! And the member's that we were doing service for have a whole bookshelf dedicated to bee things! I laughed at that and then took a picture next to it with my large bee sting on my arm to remember forever (: And to share with you!

The Women's conference was AMAZING! It was my first one to watch because the last one in April I was in the MTC and they saved it for the following week, but then I was already in Indiana. It is crazy that this week I have been on my mission for six months. I have learned a lot and changed a lot. But I always get emotional when I get to hear the prophets and leaders of this church. 

I hope that everyone this week takes the opportunity to sit down and hear what God has in store for you in General Conference. The prophet and his apostles will speak to us and if we are not prepared for the message, we might miss it. I know that when we listen, the Spirit will help us. 

I know that Heavenly Father loves us.
And I love all of you!

Sister Brown II

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