Monday, February 9, 2015

Adventures of the Week

Hey so do you want to hear about some adventures? Of course you do! This is your favorite daughter/sister emailing you after all (I can contently say that because Kai does not have an email account. We all know he claims me last if at all.) 

So first I need to you envision a clown. Not the super scary kind. Only the kind of scary kind. The kind that would maybe be on Curious George. Face Paint and all. Red and White suit. The pom pom things are a must too. Okay you have that in your head? Okay now I need you to envision the trick the clowns always do where they have you pull a scarf from their hand and then it just keeps coming and coming and soon you have a rainbow of scarves that have just appeared from your arm.

Okay you've got that in your head?

Now I want you to envision Sister Brown rummaging through the bags that Elder Moring has brought back after cleaning out apartments that have been shut down and to her delight finding 7 bright multi colored scarves (no idea why those were in a missionary apartment...) And because Sister Brown is a genius she starts tying the scarves together in the clown-like fashion. Then Sister Brown takes the scarves and tries to shove them down the sleeve of her cardigan, which is already a fail in of itself. But then she realizes that the scarves are rather long and one sleeve's length isn't going to be enough. So she shoves them down her shirt and wraps/coils them around her body underneath her shirt. 

Then the final reveal comes.

And it fails. 

As Sister Brown is pulling out the scarf from her sleeve it tightens around her abdomen and she almost dies in the process of trying to be a real life clown. It was quite the let down.

Pearl. You will have to join the circus without me. Uni-cycling will have to be a solo career for you in the circus. I tried. 

Also this week I did car inspections! I realized that most Elders do not understand the words "Clean your car each preparation day". There was a frozen chicken in the back of one of the cars... The story the Elders gave us was quite entertaining too about why it was thawing in the back of their car (and almost made me barf). They said their bishop raises chickens and they helped him out with the animals and then when he butchered his foul he gave it to them. So obviously the trunk was where it was supposed to be... (wrong Elders... that would be your freezer). 

Needless to say car checks are never boring! There was also a set of sisters that parked their car across the street from the church building and claimed that they didn't want to bring it because they didn't clean it. My thought process is "okay I will just take your car away then"... President and I still need to talk about that one though.

There have been a lot of dumb accidents happening lately though. One was a Zone Leader brake checked while his companion was unbuckled grabbing something off the dash and as he brake checked his companion's head went into the windshield and shattered a good portion of it. Oh missionaries never cease to amaze me!

Sure love you all and I hope that you have a fantastic week! Happy Valentine's Day by the way! Know that I LOVE you all and that Heavenly Father loves you too!!! (:

Sister Brown II

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